Key Issues



Currently people are unaware about the method by which their meat was slaughtered. Non-stunned kosher slaughtered meat frequently enters the secular market.


There is a lack of awareness regarding the quality of meat and meat production. People do not know the difference in quality of life and “Red Tractor” reared livestock in comparison to “Soil Association” approved livestock, for example.


There are frequent issues with accountability in the meat trade. As we saw with the horsemeat scandal, unlabelled meat frequently finds its way into packaged food that has a variety of ingredients. People who misleadingly sell meat, whether it is horse or non-stunned should be brought to justice.

Our Demands

  • Stunned or Non-stunned are appropriate non-offensive labels for meat that gives enough information for the consumer to make their choice.
  • Charts in supermarkets that explain the stickers on our meat such as “Red Tractor” and “Soil Association”.
  • Products that do not meet the lowest available standard of sticker should be clearly labelled as “unapproved by independent food bodies for animal welfare”.
  • Clear labelling of imported meat. People should be able to back British meat.