Key Issues


Over 50% of abattoirs DON’T have CCTV

According to the FSA, only 43% of red meat slaughterhouses have CCTV, 55% of poultry slaughterhouses have CCTV.

This figure skyrocketed between 2010 and 2013 from a dismal 7%. Let’s keep up the momentum for CCTV in slaughterhouses.


CCTV needs to be placed directly where the slaughter occurs otherwise it is impossible to ensure animal welfare. Unfortunately some slaughterhouses that have CCTV do not have it in a location that can effectively document livestock abuse.


Currently there is no body to inspect the CCTV footage constantly, on site Veterinarians are often in charge of overseeing animal welfare, however given the busy nature of an abattoir it generally means that accountability is not maintained.

Our Demands

  • CCTV to be mandatory in slaughterhouses, so that 100% of slaughterhouses have CCTV.
  • A standardised location for CCTV, enshrined in law.
  • Appropriate regulation of this CCTV footage. It should be published online and/or an independent regulatory board should be established, which is committed to viewing CCTV footage.