Pressure your Supermarket on Non-Stun Slaughter

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Dear …

I am a consumer who is concerned about non-stun slaughter of livestock. {As a consumer who eats meat}{As a person concerned about the welfare of animals} I expect the welfare for this nation’s livestock to be of paramount importance. The UK claims to have a healthy respect for animal welfare so the acceptance and prevalence of non-stun slaughter is paradoxical.

There is overwhelming support in this country for an outright ban on inhumane slaughter. A recent petition garnered over 100,000 signatures. It is the scientific consensus that when animals are not stunned before slaughter, they feel far more pain and can suffer for as long as 2 and a ½ minutes.

Stunning is a requirement throughout the EU, however, exemption is granted on cultural and religious grounds, particularly for the Muslim and Jewish communities. This exemption is detrimental to animal welfare and in the case of Halal meat irrelevant as stunning does not make it Haram. In fact until recently 80% of Halal meat consumed in the UK was pre-stunned, however, this figure is decreasing rapidly as Halal slaughterhouses are returning to tradition.

The animal’s welfare is my primary concern, I am not calling for a ban on Halal meat or Kosher meat, however these methods should conform to both EU and UK standards of animal welfare. I am calling for a ban on non-stun slaughter.

We appreciate that your own brand meat is stunned in accordance with EU regulations, however, your meat marked as Halal or kosher may not be. I hope that you will support the viewpoint of your consumers and demand that your Halal and kosher supervisors conform with EU guidelines and the scientific consensus on stunning.


Yours Sincerely,