Pressure your Supermarket on labelling

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Dear …

I am a local consumer writing as I am concerned about the lack of information available on your meat products. {As a consumer who eats meat}{As a person concerned about the welfare of animals} I expect to be aware of whether the animal in question has needlessly suffered in both its life and death.

Given the relatively recent saga of horsemeat entering our supermarkets unlabelled and that an EU survey indicated 72% would want the method of slaughter labelled. Now more than ever consumers are concerned with what is in their food.

The appropriate action for labelling are as followed:

  • Stunned or Non-stunned are appropriate non-offensive labels for meat that gives enough information for the consumer to make their choice.
  • Charts in supermarkets that explain the stickers on our meat such as “Red Tractor” and “Soil Association”.
  • Products that do not meet the lowest available standard of sticker should be clearly labelled as “unapproved by independent food bodies for animal welfare”.
  • Clear labelling of imported meat. People should be able to back British meat.

I hope that you will implement these minor changes in your supermarkets as it reflects the change in opinion of your consumers. Please sign Slaughterhouse Reform’s petition on labelling reform on and support the proposed reforms.

Yours Sincerely,