Pressure your MP on CCTV

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Dear ….

I am a constituent writing as I am concerned about the lack of transparency in abattoirs across the country. A way to ensure both animal welfare and workers rights would be for the installation of CCTV across the UK. Currently only 43% of red meat slaughterhouses have CCTV whilst poultry slaughterhouses are marginally more transparent and in total 55% have CCTV.

It is necessary that it becomes mandatory and that an independent body is set up to regulate the footage taken. Currently in most abattoirs oversight comes in the form of an on site vet, whereas I may not doubt the capability of these professionals it is unfeasible to think that one person can be responsible for oversight in an abattoir, especially in large scale ones.

The amount of undercover footage taken in abattoirs that has been publicised indicate a need for total transparency. Animals suffer needlessly in unregulated abattoirs, the abuse is rife ranging from kicking and punching to stubbing cigarettes out on the livestock.

There is a vast amount of support for CCTV monitored abattoirs, many MPs have publicly stated their support and every leading supermarket brand has committed themselves to sourcing meat solely from CCTV monitored abattoirs. Now the final step is legislation, whereby it is illegal to operate an abattoir without CCTV.


Yours Sincerely