Excellent MPs

MPs on this list are few and far between. They have supported at least two of our 4 aims or have tabled a motion of one of our 4 aims. They still need encouragement on the ones that they have not got behind. So print out a letter and send it off.


Name Party Issue Constituency
Irranca-Davies, Huw Labour For Stunning/CCTV/LTR Ogmore
McCarthy, Kerry Labour For CCTV/ LTR Bristol East
McDonnell, John Labour For CCTV/ LTR Hayes and Harlington
Lucas, Caroline Green For CCTV/ LTR Brighton Pavilion
Hollobone, Phillip Conservative Tabled the Stun debate Kettering
Smith, Henry Conservative For CCTV/ LTR Crawley
Parish, Neil Conservative For CCTV/ LTR Tiverton & Honiton