How you can help

There are so many ways in which you can help. A major issue with this subject is the lack of information on the matter so spreading awareness is key to change.

  •  Help promote our articles by sharing them on your Facebook page or re-tweeting them.
  • Please write to us with your own opinion pieces and we will put it on the site.
  • If you have any professional history in an abattoir or as a vet, we want to publish your experiences that shaped your view on the topic.


Most Importantly

SIGN our new PETITION on labelling. Click here for a link that takes you through. We have over 11,000 supporters already, let’s keep the momentum up!

Get in touch with your local MP or your local supermarket. The link here takes you to our template letters list, print them off sign your name and then send it to either your MP or the headquarters of the supermarket. Or if you are writing to your MP you can copy and paste a template letter into this handy website It is really easy to use and your message will go straight to your local MP.

We have handy lists that show you which supermarkets and MPs are in the right and which ones are in the wrong. Those with “Room for Improvement” have agreed to certain reforms but not all 4 reforms. Those who are in the “Must Try Harder” list need to be written to ASAP, as they have not shown any support for reform of this relatively unregulated industry.