What is Slaughterhouse Reform?

Slaughterhouse Reform is a platform designed to allow people to understand the broader implications of how your food gets to your plate.


Why do we need slaughterhouse reform?

There are a many reasons why we need slaughterhouses to reform, there is currently a lack of transparency, a lack of oversight and regular reports of animal abuse. Compassion in the final moments is as important to an animal’s welfare as compassionate rearing.


What makes you think that animals aren’t being slaughtered humanely?

Recent CCTV evidence has proved that some abattoirs fail to stun the animals before slaughter. Whilst most slaughterhouses in the UK are mandated to stun before slaughter, there are exceptions, and we believe that without pre-stunning, an animal’s risk of trauma during the slaughtering process is far higher.


Are you against abattoirs?

No, we are committed to improving abattoir standards in the UK. We propose four key reforms for abattoirs.

  • End non-stun slaughter, with no exceptions.
  • Mandatory CCTV in abattoirs.
  • Improved Transport conditions for livestock.
  • Labelling of slaughter method

This will improve the conditions of animals and staff alike. Whilst labelling is integral for consumers to make a reasoned choice about what they eat.


How will this help the staff?

CCTV works for the benefit of staff and animals. CCTV means that if the staff conditions are sub-par it can be reported effectively to the appropriate authorities.

Calmer animals = calmer staff. An abattoir is a stressful traumatic place to work if the animals are treated badly. Fairly treated animals will remain calm and contribute to a better working environment.


What makes you think that animals aren’t being treated humanely during the slaughter process?

There are regular reports of animals being transported live throughout the EU and sometimes even further just to be slaughtered. There are reports of animals travelling from Ireland to Libya, only to be slaughtered inhumanely outside the already limited EU regulations. 2.4 million sheep and goats were slaughtered in 2014 without being stunned before hand and if there were independently monitored CCTV in every abattoir this issue could have been avoided.


Why should we care?

We should all care about how our food is brought to the table. We are what we eat. The reality is that we do care, a recent EU wide survey indicated that 72% of consumers wished to know the method of slaughter of meat products they eat. Concern has always been prevalent in British society for the welfare of animals during their life but welfare is from farm to fork, not solely from farm to abattoir.