Slaughterhouse Reform is a platform for those concerned about the conditions of livestock in abattoirs. We believe that a compassionate end is as important as compassion for livestock during their lifetime.

We strongly advocate the four following reforms:

  1. End non-stun slaughter.
  2. Mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses.
  3. Improve transport conditions for livestock.
  4. Clear labelling of slaughter method on meat products.

Watch Slaughterhouse Reform’s short film on how the process from farm to fork can be humane.

PETITION: Improve the lives of farm animals with compulsory welfare labelling

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The Issues



Hold your MP to Account!

Some MPs in this country have been vocal advocates for slaughterhouse reform, however not everyone is on board yet. If you live in the constituency of an MP in the “Room for Improvement” circle or the “Must Try Harder Circle” print out one of our template letters and send it off to them. Reform starts with you.


Hold your Supermarket to Account!

Supermarkets in this country have had a degree of support to make their suppliers accountable for their animals’ welfare. In the red box you can see which issue supermarkets are not pulling their weight in. Print out the template letter that corresponds with the issue and draw attention to it by sending it to their headquarters. Supermarkets want to know their consumers’ concerns: this is your chance.